If you often experience low water pressure with increased usage, turn to Mainline Plumbing for Constant Pressure Well Pump Systems in Londonderry, NH.

Private well systems are set to run at a certain pressure (typically 40 to 60 psi) and the water pump runs at one speed. With water usage, the pressure in the tank drops, and when it reaches the “low point” the pump starts up again. A standard well pump kicks on full blast until it shuts down. When it kicks on it draws about twice the amperage and slams the pump, motor, pipe and wire against the well casing.

A Constant Pressure System vastly improves the above situation. In a Constant Pressure System the demand for water increases the pump speed and vice versa. The closer to the upper limit, the slower the pump will run, and the further away from it, the faster it will run. The pump only runs as much as necessary. The pump also gently shuts off, unlike the the abrupt functioning of a conventional system. This vastly prolongs the life of the pump by reducing mechanical stress.

Wash dishes, take a shower, water the grass, and wash laundry all at the same time with no loss of water pressure!